Day Adventure Guide: The Farm at Walnut Creek (Sugarcreek, Ohio)

We’re a sucker for all things local.  And that rings true whether we are at home, or visiting a new place.  We love exploring and supporting local, one-of-a-kind places.  Located in the heart of Amish country in central Ohio, The Farm at Walnut Creek will not disappoint.  It’s a working Amish farm, with animals to pet and feed, farm houses to explore, a play ground, and several exotic animals on display.  But the best part is the horse-drawn wagon ride out to feed the animals.

The animals come right up to the wagon to eat out of your bucket and even your hand.  And I’m not just talking about your typical petting zoo animals like goats and deer – think exotic: Water buffalo, zebra, giraffe, ostrich, elk, and so many more.  They have animals from all over the globe. Have you ever seen a Japanese Sika deer? Or an East African Crown crane?  Well, you will.  Depending on your guide, you will learn fun facts about the animals and their unique personalities.  We once had a guide that let Cam help steer the horses.

The animals seem to be more interactive the earlier in the day you go when they are still hungry and ready to get some food; and also in cooler temperatures when they aren’t desperate to sit in the shade.


Included in your wagon ride is a bucket of feed.  Make sure everyone in your party has one.   I’ll admit, it can be a little intimidating at first.  The animals are bold and come right up to the wagon and all up into your personal space.  Watch out for the horns!  They swing those things around like you flip your hair.  They will poke your eye right out.  If you have really little kids, I’d suggest putting some of your party on the interior bench at least until they warm up to the process.  The wagon ride is about 1 hour and there isn’t any shade, so load up on the sunscreen ahead of time.



Towards the end of the wagon ride you will get a turn to feed a giraffe.  If you have a choice, sit on the left side of the wagon, that’s where the giraffes are, although the guides are usually pretty good about making sure everyone has a turn.  The giraffes stay behind a fence but will reach down into the wagon to get the food.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to feed a giraffe, wait till you check out their long black tongues!


After the wagon ride, make sure to take your bucket of feed with you.  You are allowed to feed the goats, camels, cows, and other farm animals.  There are also several exotic birds and animals on display, including a walk through aviary and lemur island for your viewing pleasure.  Last time we were there, we were able to see some baby lemurs making their entrance into the public eye for the first time.  Cute doesn’t even begin to describe them.  There is also a large play ground and picnic tables if you want to pack a lunch.

It’s seriously a blast, everyone will love it.  Some more than others….


There is also a full working farm.  We’ve had the opportunity to feed baby cows, see a cow being milked, and watch a quilting demonstration.  There is a blacksmith shop you can stop by and learn about the trade, and a fresh produce stand where you can take home the produce grown right there on the farm.  It doesn’t get much fresher than that.

This is a non-electric farm, it is very interesting and educational to tour the houses and barns and see the alternatives to electric living.  There are also always some freshly baked cookies for your enjoyment in the main farm-house.  Yum.


FullSizeRender-2All is included for one price Adults: $16.95, Children (3-12) $11.75  PLEASE NOTE: The Farm at Walnut Creek is a CASH ONLY establishment.  No credit cards or debit cards accepted.  They are open every day but Sundays.

We always finish the day with some fresh Amish cooking at Der Dutchman.  You guys, I love me some custard pie and this is the best I’ve ever had.  And don’t leave without trying the peanut butter spread.  My boys go nutso over the stuff.

If you get a chance to visit, comment below and let me know what you thought of the The Farm.