Day Adventure Guide: Skipping Rocks

“Life is about moments.  Create them, don’t wait for them.” -author unknown


Those of you that know me, know this – I’m a purger.  I keep nothing. I save nothing.  My mother-in-law refuses to give me anything of sentimental value for fear I’ll throw it away.  I come by this naturally, my father’s the same way.  Well my oldest has decided to break the cycle – he wants to save everything.  I can’t tell you how many times he’s pulled something out of my trash, and headed up to his storage closet (aka his room), in astonishment that I would throw that treasured item away.  He’s currently into collecting keychains and rocks, and he asked me one day. “What do you collect?”  While I did go through this awkward stage in middle school where I collected pigs (I know, things just got weird); the obvious answer is, I collect nothing, because that would require saving things.  But the more I thought about it, I realized I do have a collection.  I collect moments, not things.


In fact, I might even be a moment hoarder.  Each day is full of so many moments for the taking.  Exciting ones, mundane ones, hilarious ones, loud ones, quiet ones, unexpected ones, dirty ones, ordinary ones – and I want them all.  Sometimes I expand my collection during a normal evening where the kids are playing, and I’m cooking dinner.  Other times we head out of the house to create new moments.



Today’s adventures was the simplest in form. While we waited for Cam to finish basketball camp.  The babies and I packed a lunch and met some friends on a riverbank to skip rocks.  Well, some of us skipped rocks.  Chase, in typical Chase form, preferred to stand watch over the snacks.  Hey, to each their own.



I think there is this stigma, that we need to have all of these organized and structured play dates for our kids.  But I’m not buying it.  That type of play date usually ends up causing me the most stress.  I’m convinced that afternoons like this are exactly what my kids need more of.  These little, messy, unhindered adventures are my favorites. The kids splashed, made old fashioned mud pies, stomped, yelled, laughed, and threw rock after rock.  And I quietly compiled more moments for my collection.


I was, however, a little unprepared for this atypical picnic lunch.  Feel free to learn from my mistakes.  I’d pack a change of clothes, towels, and a lot of wet wipes.  Water and mud are eminent. I attempted (unsuccessfully) to take my stroller.  Pack what you need in a backpack that you can throw on your back so your hands are free to help littles navigate to and by the water.  If you have room throw in some sand shovels, cups, and cars that can get wet and dirty.



Local friends – our spot is under Everett Covered Bridge, in Peninsula.  There’s a parking lot with a path that leads to the bridge, and a small path on the left near the bridge for easy access down to the river.  If you need to take a stroller, park it next to the covered bridge and travel the short distance down to the water on foot.  It’s a common horseback riding trail, so if you are there at the right time, you might even see some horses near the river.


There is so much life to be lived in the “in between.” Do something unstructured and messy today and expand your ‘moments collection’.




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